Polystyrene Cup & Lid

Polystyrene Cup & Lid

The Polystyrene Cup & Lid category offers a wide range of disposable drinkware options suitable for various hot and cold beverages. These high-quality cups and lids are perfect for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda, smoothies, and more in a convenient and efficient manner.

The selection includes different sizes ranging from 4oz to 16oz to meet the needs of different types of drinks and serving portions. The cups are made of durable polystyrene material, ensuring that they are sturdy and reliable for holding liquids without leaking or collapsing. The matching lids are available in various styles such as vented, sip-thru, and cappuccino, providing options for different drinking preferences and requirements.

Whether you are running a coffee shop, food truck, catering business, or hosting a big event, the Polystyrene Cup & Lid category offers a cost-effective and practical solution for serving beverages on the go or in a sit-down setting. The white and cafe G color options give you the flexibility to match the cups and lids with your branding or event theme for a cohesive presentation.

With packages of 1000 units per case, stocking up on these essential disposable cups and lids is convenient and economical. Keep your customers satisfied and your drink service streamlined with the Polystyrene Cup & Lid category.

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