There are many types of disposable containers that according to our needs (drinks and hot or cold foods) we should use the container for which the food is made. To do this, it is better to pay attention to the abbreviations on the bottom of the containers. 

Here are some brief signs on the body of disposable containers:

PP: If you see this mark on disposable containers, you should know that this mark is abbreviated as Polypropylene or polypropylene. This symbol indicates that these containers are used for liquids and hot foods when necessary. 

PS: Stands for Polystyrene. The use of this type of container for food and hot liquids is prohibited, which many health experts emphasize because these containers become carcinogenic in contact with hot food.

LDPE: Which stands for Low-Density Polyethylene, which means low-density polyethylene. These disposable containers are the same flexible containers or milk containers that are not harmful to human health.

HDPE: These containers are an abbreviation of the word High-density Polyethylene, which means high density polyethylene. These types of dishes have a very high temperature tolerance and are not harmful to human health.

PET: Containers with this mark are made of Polyethylene. These types of dishes are carcinogenic at high temperatures and should not even be exposed to direct sunlight. These containers are usually available in the market in the form of water bottles or sauce packs.

23rd Jan 2021

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