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1000 x Satco Round Container & Lid - 4oz (110cc)

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4 units
Unit price / Unit inside:
£0.025 each (1000 pcs)

Product's Name : Satco 4oz Round Container and Lid 
Pack Quantity : 1 x 1000 Base and lids
Product's ID : 999-CPDL1000
Size :4oz

Are Satco microwave containers reusable?

Satco microwave food containers are reusable and can be used numerous times. You can freeze these plastic boxes, use them as take away or food storage containers, put them in the dish washer and use them again.

Are Satco plastic container suitable for oven?

If it is a conventional oven no and if it is a microwave oven yes. Generally for oven it's better to use other sort of containers.

Do Satco 4oz round cups come with lids?

All Satco containers and cup sold in come with lids.

Are Satco containers bpa free and dishwasher safe?

Satco 4oz Round Plastic Pots container is dishwasher safe.

Are Satco containers microwavable?

Satco plastic take out food containers including Satco 4oz are microwavable.